Learn About Pattern Genomics

thinking manFounded in 2011, Pattern Genomics has developed a sophisticated bioinformatics platform called Daydreamer™ that seeks to answer a straightforward question: given a large collection of sequences of various subtypes, what are the differences between the subtypes, and how could one test for them with a molecular diagnostic?  Combined with next-generation sequencing, our platform enables an efficient, data-driven process that can apply to a broad class of diagnostic assay design problems.  Our initial focus is in all areas of infectious disease, where we can address pathogen species and subtype identification as well as drug resistance profiling.  The core function of Daydreamer™ is to uncover patterns from enormous genomic data sets. Our assay design approach is limited only by the quality and quantity of data inputs, and is readily adaptable to all sequencing data types and to all diagnostic test formats.

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