In Silico Assay Design Substantially Grows Your Revenue

In silico assay design with Daydreamer™ decreases the time and cost of assay development versus traditional methods that rely on reading papers, enlisting outside collaborators, and / or iterative trial-and-error in the lab.  But it turns out that the biggest win is on the revenue side.  By getting to market faster, one can sell more product and generate more cash.  How much?  Download our presentation to get the full details.


This presentation describes how

  • In silico design leads to new kit launches sooner, thus generating more revenue
  • Even if both the in silico approach and the traditional approach both ultimately lead to the exact same menu, the in silico approach may still generate 20% more revenue over a period of 3 to 4 years by speeding up the process.
  • This estimate doesn’t even include the secondary market benefits of beating competitors to market with new assays and having a larger menu sooner.

Interested in learning more?  Read the full presentation below, and contact us for a free consultation on how our approach can benefit your company.

Download “Driving Revenue with In Silico Assay Design” PG_drives_revenue.pdf – Downloaded 1280 times – 489 KB